Saturday, September 29, 2007

Welcome to The Emerald City (Part 2 of 2)

Now to give you a quick set up of these next few pages; as we saw in the first set the detectives and Officer McMillan have just started their investigation. We left off with Detective Head giving Detective Yamamoto his feelings about Officer McMillan. Officer McMillan was unfortunate enough to catch a piece of Head’s editorial as he hustled up the tapes from the SPD parking garage. This natural lead to a very uncomfortable situation, but there still is a murder to solve and the investigation must go on.

As McMillan explained in the last page of the last set, he got the boys to edit the tapes into one continuous feed. Now our detectives get to sit down and see the grisly murder that happened hours before in their own parking garage.

We are pleased to show you this preview of book 1. Please write us some comments and tell your thoughts, the feedback means so much to us.

-Kevin M. Jones

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