Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kurt McMillan

Name: Kurt Matthew McMillan
Birth date: 05/14/1970
Age at the start of the series: 36
Place of Birth: Dorchester, Massachusetts USA
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 223 Lbs


Born in the rougher neighborhoods of Dorchester, Kurt considered fist fighting a regular part of life. Kurt’s father, a member of the notorious “Winter Hill Gang”, was murdered by a hit squad from the Patriarca crime family. Kurt’s mother took over the duties of both the father and the mother; refusing to accept help from members of her late husband’s organization for fear that they might recruit her oldest son. From that point on Kurt tried his hardest to be a father figure for his younger brother, Christopher, and sister, Elizabeth. Kurt’s brother took the absence of his father quite roughly and dropped out of high school, but avoided going down the career path their father had chosen; instead Christopher McMillan chased his dream of becoming a professional boxer. Of course their mother wasn’t happy she had wanted all of her children to go college and escape the Irish ghettos of Boston, so Kurt felt it was his duty to his mother to attend college, which he did at Boston College on a football scholarship. Kurt never had much interest in academics but he was a competent student. He found his calling at a Boston Police recruitment drive and knew he was going to be a police officer. However, he knew that doing so in his hometown would lead to trouble do to his father’s former lifestyle so he looked for openings as far away from home as he could; he found his opening in the SPD.

McMillan is cut from a different cloth then the modern police officer; his superiors often describe him as a “throwback” police officer. Starting his campaign with the SPD Kurt was befriended by another hard-boiled officer of the law, the now retired Detective Ezra Drake. While Drake was known for having my tact than McMillan has shown with his time on the force, many of his cases have indeed ended with one vs. many firefights. Being taken under Drake’s wing hasn’t always been easy for Kurt, because Drake was successful on so many levels while Kurt doesn’t have any aspirations of glory.
Kurt has earned the respect of his fellow beat officers with his attitude towards doing the job, and for the fact that he will resort to old-fashioned head busting when he feels it is necessary. In his time with the SPD Kurt has served 16 suspensions for excessive force, but it still highly regarded for his efforts from his fellow beat officers all the way to the chief of police.

Hobbies and Habits:

McMillan is a very capable cook, and enjoys cooking as a way to escape from the pressures of work. He is also a huge fan of Noir fiction, which he reads almost daily. McMillan is famous throughout the SPD for his temper and for his inability to mask his feelings; he is known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve.

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