Monday, September 10, 2007

Behind Richard Head

The character Richard Head is basically the childhood friend you had who is extremely smart and can be a good person but is pretty much a jerk. He by no means is a villain just a bit selfish and wants to climb the promotion ladder so badly that he tends to step on people to get up that ladder. But with that said I feel he isn’t bad person, just self-centered, and at times jealous of other people. He does believe in police work and is believes he is doing the right things; most the times.

One thing I wanted to do with him throughout the series as a writer is not to fall into that classic sitcom type of character who is a jackass and is very stupid. Richard Head is very bright and knows what he wants to do with his life. He just needs to manufacture a way to get there.

Throughout the process of the creation of Emerald City, the police have stayed pretty steady in their characters. But while Ai has stayed pretty much the same in her role and character, Richard Head’s role has changed so much as he grew deeper as a character. Originally I just wanted a massive jerk just to cause friction with other characters, but as our world grew and our characters started becoming deeper I saw how much more a character like Richard could offer to the storyline. In reality we know people like him; somewhat elitist individuals who often look at the world through a narrow scope not because they really don’t know better but because it makes viewing the world easier.

Richard Head is a fun character to write for because he can say things that maybe I have wanted to say in certain situations. He is Ai’s partner and outside of having an almost natural talent for police work they are as different as night and day, and this also sets up a lot of interesting and funny dialogue opportunities. I hope that you will get a chance to enjoy reading Richard in action as much as I have enjoyed writing his dialogue.

-Kevin M. Jones

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