Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reflection on Head

Richard Head is a pretty cool character to draw, because it gives me a chance to work on his smug facial expressions and his sometimes childish body language, but at the same time drawing him as an overall confident and intelligent man in his actions. Richard Head’s original drawings aren’t too much different to what he has become today. He went through some massive overhauls in his character. I think Kevin said in his earlier post that originally, Head was supposed to be this jerk, but that’s changed, and one of those major changes is that I wanted to add this sort of uniqueness to his face that portrayed his now cunning personality and ability. I didn’t want him to be that TV pretty boy cop…cause he ain’t -but he is a veteran and he is hard, and I want his face to reflect the times he has seen(see his bio), hence that mugging look he’s always sporting.
What also is interesting is drawing the interactions with him, and the other cops (Ai, and McMillian). It’s a lot of fun and very challenging to draw his traits. Kevin has done a great job in creating these different personalities through his writing, and the interactions change depending on the situation and/or when talking with different characters. So I wanted to capture it with the art. Trying to bring out the tension, or trust or whatever happens to be going on in the scene or with whom. With the police a lot of time might be spent in discussing the crime scene or trying to figure out what the hell is actually happening in this city, and its crucial to draw to fit this dialogue, and present it in a way that’s both, of course, compatible with the scene and character personality, but also to create an incredibly interesting panel to look at. It might not be an action scene, fight scene , or one of those scenes where everybody is standin’ around flexing in ridiculous poses talking about fighting。。。。 I want to present this dynamic activity that pulls the reader into the story, because you never know when there might be clues or crucial scenes that let the reader join in the police story, and help to give each reader a different take on what is indeed happening. Sorry but we wants to make ya’ll think! Hell, that’s important in any great story, or movie, and I think comic books need to recapture that once again. These cops are great tools in that sense. Shit, their characters aren’t perfect, but like with officer Head here you can see they are true to who they are. Richard Head gives a cool perspective to the story, and while being a bastard he really works well with Ai’s style of police work.

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