Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Character Profiles

The first character I want to introduce is the young police detective Ms. Ai Yamamoto. It has been a long process in making this series and world, and a lot of characters have undergone massive changes in attitudes and roles within the story. But the smart and tough Ms. Yamamoto has pretty much stayed the same throughout the entire journey that we went through to make a final product. So for me as the writer I see her as kind of the rock, or an anchor of sorts. As we started fleshing out the story and the characters we had to have a ton of sit-down meetings (usually including chicken-wings and beer), and some of the characters were shifted around so much that looking back on some of the old ideas, just seem so silly. But Ai stayed the same, she represented the vision we had in the beginning and the vision we came up with in the end. I have been writing up short character profiles, and I finally get a chance to show them off to people. So enough of this reminiscing, without further ado, I introduce to you: Ai Yamamoto.

-Kevin M. Jones

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