Wednesday, September 5, 2007

An artist tries to write....

Being a fan of comics as a child I was really influenced by them. I always loved drawing, and I always wanted to draw comics. Of course, like most kids I found escape in characters like spider-man, and batman, and so on. For whatever reason, I just fell out of interest in reading them, but never gave up wanting to create them. I became interested in stories that were non main stream comic super hero type, I found interests in stories that told tales of history, and stories of bizarre nature. I stopped collecting comics perhaps due to lack of interest in the stories but never the characters or the superheroes themselves.
I moved to Seattle from NY and went to UW. I met Kevin in Seattle, and after meeting we totally vibed. We created a massive world based on our similar interests in comics, history, and stories of a different nature. Seattle is an amazing city, and a perfect place for this story. Seattle has this sort of electric energy to it, similar to that moment right before a major thunderstorm. There is this foreboding feeling that seems to be this raw undercurrent running through the city, and the rain creates and atmosphere of supernatural presence.
Drawing the characters and the scenes in the book I tried to capture this feeling of Seattle in the art. I am hoping that readers will feel this when looking at the art and the characters in the city. Kevin has done a great job with the dialogue and I am hoping to do just as well with the art. We both think that we have put together a pretty magical story, and are sure many people will enjoy it.
Well, I just wanted to give a little shout out, thanks for taking the time to read this.
Jason Sutherland

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