Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cover Concept

I wanted to add a note as well about this concept idea of the cover. One thing I always hated when I picked up a comic and it had this bad ass cover of two of my favorite characters in some epic battle, only to have to wait to the last page where they don’t even fight, nor is the idea continued in the next episode. WTF?
I want to create a cover that peeks interest and pulls you in, with out giving away the story or misleading you to believe that something unbelievable is going to alter your existence by buying this particular book..
Our idea here I think does just that. Here we have on an all white background this kid, who happens to be Kevin’s nephew, with black side walk chalk drawing up some hideous thing. It’s pretty intriguing, and hopefully eye-catching if immersed in a sea of beautifully colored comics within the racks of your neighborhood comic store.
And, like Kevin said, it would be cool to keep this pattern of Drew drawing these foreshadows into the comic you are about to read, while also showing off some quite cool Seattle backdrops.
Looking at the cover it looks pretty creepy with his little handprints smudging up the background, but it’s still missing the Seattle skyline. Seattle is such a critical aspect of the story we couldn’t possibly leave it out.
That’s about it for the cover thoughts. Looking forward to hear some of your ideas or comments, next we’ll be doing some more bios I think.
Till then,
Jason Sutherland

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