Thursday, September 6, 2007

Emerald City Issue 1: Concept Cover

This is a concept cover for the fist issue of Emerald City. The character on the cover is named Drew Jones; he is a very special little boy and a character that I hold close to my heart because he is based off of my nephew from the time when he was 5 or so.

One concept we have been kicking around is trying to feature him on as many covers as we can, and if we can pull it off featuring him on all of our covers! One major thing that is missing from this cover is the cityscape of downtown Seattle, and the ever famous “Space Needle.” Another concept we want to have is famous places or landmarks of Seattle on all of our covers, since the story is about the city moreso than individual characters.

Both of us love this cover and the idea of having a kid drawing some of the main plot points of each issue as an ongoing theme for our covers. But we know the story already, so what we hope to get is some feedback from you reading our blog. So let us know what you think about any of the stuff you see here; we can’t wait to read what you are thinking.


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