Tuesday, September 4, 2007

About Emerald City

Thanks for checking out our blog! This is a blog about our comic called “The Emerald City”, named after my hometown Seattle. We want to get feedback on our finished books as we shop for publishers.

A little about our book:

While we really can’t give away too much about the storyline of our book and our world, since this is the opening chapter for the readers to this world we created and so many things play out in the story that we don’t want to ruin the reading experience by giving it all away on a little blog! One thing that needs to be said about this series is there really isn’t a main character, per se. The series is about the events that happen in Seattle in this world, so all of the characters are important; it isn’t just about one person, or a group of heroes. Also, for the characters during this series we hope that the readers can see their growth as they learn about them.

One of the questions we are always asked by people when we talk about or show our book off is “What kind of comic is it?” which happens to be a very hard question to answer. It isn’t a true “super-hero” comic, but it is safe to say that it does have some elements of that genre in it. The book focuses on some police detectives in the opening issues so that in turn reads a little like a “police drama” which it also has in it. So it is really hard to say what exactly our comic is! All that we can say is we think there is nothing really like it.

Once we get that first question out of the way, people usually latch on to “super-hero” concept and ask about it. “What kind of powers or people are there in your comic?” This question we could answer easily but it would ruin discovering it by reading the book. I will say this, there is magic in the world that we created and it runs strong in Seattle. But there is much more to Emerald City than just that.

And about this blog; we are going to use this blog to introduce characters, and the storyline to anybody interested in looking over our work. We do hope you enjoy it. Also Jason or I will update the blog with thoughts about working on the comic and sort of “development blog” or “directors comments” about certain scenes or themes within our comic.

Finally, “who does what?” Jason Sutherland is the artist, he handles pencils, and he inks. Kevin M. Jones (that’s me) handles most of the plotlines and all of the dialogue.

Thanks for taking the time to read and check back shortly for some updates.

-Kevin M. Jones

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