Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Last But Not Least McMillan

There is something about a tough Irish street cop that just feels right. Being Irish from my mother’s side of the family (everyone laughs when I say that like I am telling a joke.) I just feel a special bond with this character. During the creation of our characters we have bounced names and ethnicity off of each other, but Kurt McMillan was one of the few characters that I had clearly envisioned from the very start of it all.

I like McMillan because he is a tough cop; all of the greatest fictional cops are tough bad-asses. You have Inspector Yuen (Tequila) from Hard Boiled the movie, Bud White from LA Confidential, Alonzo from Training Day, William 'Billy' Costigan Jr from the Departed, and the list goes on and on really. Most of the tough cops are not slick, one-liner type of guys; they just kick booty. But on the flipside that doesn’t mean they have an IQ of double digits. McMillan is unique to write for because he likes his station in life, he has no motive to move up; just he lives for grunt police work. He is a guy who believes in doing things right as well. He has high morals for innocence bystanders, but once you enter the war of the streets his morals change. Looking at him in relation with our other two officers of the law it makes for wonderful blend of dialogue and perspective.

We wanted to give you a taste of our police force in Emerald City because the story starts with them. And now that you have read all of these boring, long-winded words of mine we are going to get into the good stuff, actual pages with our police in action. Thanks for checking out our characters and check back shortly for some pages! (more rambling from me included!)

-Kevin M. Jones

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