Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Art of Kurt McMillan

I remember when Kevin first brought me his idea of McMillan and told me about him and what he was thinking. At first this character idea of someone like Ving Rhames popped into my head. I did up some drawings but it didn’t fit at all. We talked more and McMillan’s Irish roots really accentuated his character and personality. After Kevin ripped up the rejected cop’s character and power bombed me I stared seeing things his way。。。 and things seemed to write themselves. McMillan’s’ character was pretty unchanging. After that power bomb incident, the drawings of McMillan and his personality stayed pretty much the same. He has become one of my favorite characters both to read and to draw. He’s a bad MoFo. Why he isn’t always a major character and is often pushed outta scenes by a certain officer, we’ll call him Head, he is very important to the police and their investigation in the city. Even Head knows that. Kevin does a great job with his character and his dialogue, and I want do his boy justice with the art.
What I like drawing about McMillan, ya know beside that whole being a bad ass with a bad temper thing, is that he not a hero type character. He is always doing is job, his police work behind the scenes, not aspiring to be a lead detective or some glory cop. He has been in Seattle for along time and has seen things that others couldn’t begin to fathom, yet that doesn’t hang off his neck like some special medal or trophy. He has nothing to prove to anybody yet it seems everyone wants to learn from him….if it wasn’t for that reputation of his. So when drawing him it’s a bit different because he is this cop who is this fantastic character- yet I have to draw him buried into the background to make room for lesser characters who think they are important. That is challenging for sure. Besides that, McMillan is a cool looking dude and I like drawing his temper, his reactions with people he respects and those he doesn’t much or not at all. And like Kevin said before, McMillan fits in perfectly with the other two detectives, Ai, and Head.
I really enjoy reading their story and of course drawing them, so I hope you will as well. We will be putting up an actual scene from the first book focused on these three characters so that you can get a chance to form your own opinion, and hopefully tell us what ya think! Thanks a lot for being on our site and revisiting.

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