Monday, September 10, 2007

Richard Head

Name: Richard Nathan Head
Birth date: 11/30/1971
Age at the start of the series: 35
Place of Birth: Orange County, California, USA
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 181 Lbs


When Richard Nathan Head was at the tender age of 7 he witnessed an armed robbery, and a homicide. While Richard and his family were not physically harmed in the incident, it stayed with Richard for his entire life and from about the age of 12 he made up his mind to join the police. Richard attended Cal-Berkley where he majored in psychology. On the day that he graduated he signed up to join the LAPD. He flourished in LA and become a detective at the age of 26. Richard discovered he had a passion for homicide and again prospered to the point where he was almost a living legend in the LAPD. However, a scandal that became the media’s favorite topic brought the golden boy back to earth. While investigating a murder he was caught tampering with a murder scene and after the Rodney King and OJ Simpson incidents the LAPD could ill afford to have another scandal, and to make matters worse the accused was a black male, something else the LAPD did not need in a scandal; race. The LAPD acted swiftly and harshly, sending Richard back to a black and white and sweeping his whole career under the carpet. After 2 lowly years of being a beat cop again, opportunity knocked on Richard’s door. The SPD needed veteran detectives to fill a number of vacancies within the homicide department. A former colleague decided to throw Richard’s name to the SPD, allowing him to return to the position he thrived in, as well as, allowing the LAPD to remember a “stain” from their department. Once in Seattle Richard again flourished, having learned a lot from his falling out in LA he is much more by the book, but is still known to “wing it” from time to time. Richard has 3 sisters and is the 2nd oldest of the 4 siblings. His family remains in California

Hobbies and habits:

Richard loves college football and follows the Pac-10 almost religiously. Even though he is a product of Cal-Berkley, he has adopted the Washington State Cougars as the team he follows. Richard is a social drinker, but the problem is he doesn’t hold his alcohol very well; making not a very good social drinker. Despite that he is quite skilled at climbing the “social ladder”, by talking and befriending the right people. Richard’s alcohol of choice is scotch; something he picked up when he was under to make himself appeared more cultured. Under pressure or when his ego is fed, he tends to rake his fingers through his hair.

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