Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Art of Murder

The comic has really started to make its presence known through the blog. I have received some great emails. First, I would like to say thanks to all the well wishers. What we, Kevin and I, are hoping to achieve is to get some comments on the book- perhaps getting a good dialogue and or debate going… We are pretty hell bent in getting the book out for people to enjoy, and of course starting out; it is a little hard determining which paths lead to that goal. We have made a huge step in getting some pages up and worded on the blog. Though a huge step, it’s pretty minute when compared to a galaxy of decisions that await us. A lot of time is spent in getting the book prepared, we now are looking to how. Now that we have three books completed and almost worded, the excitement meets its arch enemy uncertainty… where is the next step taking us? There are many options and we have done a pretty good job piloting through the debris and garbage to safely arrive at destinations that have helped us on our journey.

Now to my insanity report: These scenes with the coppers and the murder were a lot of fun to draw….especially the murder. It’s cool how Kevin set it up with the cops and their introduction by looking back on an entirely different scene (cool murder scene) to display their character traits and set a pattern for future books. Within the city an unruly mass of chaos is staring to unravel, and these cops are at the forefront of it all….it will be fun to see how they will transform with it.
So in drawing this scene in particular I attempted to convey this same idea…Now, besides McMillan, these are cops stuck in their duties. A homicide detective is far from easy, but in compared to what’s lurking in the shadows of the Emerald City well…So drawing these characters in this scene they carry an air of confidence, as they should- they are young, talented detectives. In the scenes themselves I tried to capture a sense of the gloomy environment coupled with the appalling murder of the officer. This shock is reverberated on the faces of the detectives watching the tapes and I wanted this to really be seen, and noticed in the art without having to exaggerate it with ridiculous facial expressions.
Just in these six pages this murder serves as a catalyst in really getting things rolling with the detectives. McMillan knows it as well. He is the only one really not faded by the murder; perhaps he knows what other horrors lay in wait for our developing detectives.
I think as far as the introduction of these characters goes, we did a pretty good job…not trying to toot my own horn or anything like that. We know it is just a preview, and it might be hard to get the feel of the story from just seeing these pages. Maybe the art looks funky in some scenes or the wording maybe seems jumbled or too much…..Let us know what ya think because we do appreciate all the comments and emails we have received and your opinion really matters because we can sit down and look at what we got from a different angle. Thanx again!


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