Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Seattle's Aura

The cover is a done deal, that seals the deal for all of issue one. Now it’s ready to be posted and then on to ya’ll to read. What a great feeling of accomplishment as the books are starting to come together. With book one ready to go and books two and three not far behind, we are unbelievably close to reaching a goal we set for ourselves in what seems another lifetime-washing down chicken wings with Mac and Jacks in Seattle.

Man I remember when I first moved to Seattle. My cool as hell Uncle Rob dove me to Seattle from SeaTac airport and then on to downtown. I remember coming over the hill from his house in Greenwood, and seeing the needle and the skyline set amongst these dark gotchicesque clouds and then there was this moon creeping amongst the clouds in the sky, glowing like some magical eye watching me, yet welcoming me into its domain. This memory is one I think I will always remember, and I tried to capture this feeling in the cover along with the bird that haunted Kevin’s childhood.

Well I hope the cover grabs you and pulls you in as Seattle did to me when I first looked upon her.

Thanx for your thoughts,


Anonymous said...


Evertime I look at your art I am awed by your talent. This is so cool to see how far you and Kevin have come with this series!!

Love Mom

Emerald City said...

Thanks alot! Its so nice to see you checking out our blog, I know kevin will appreciate your comment as much as I do ^^ We both were talking just last night about how long we have been working on this comic, and we both are so excited to get it up for you to look at.
Just to let ya know, issue one will be presented pretty soon in its entirety.So keep checking back periodically to enter the Emerald City


Emerald City said...

Wow! Thanks for the comment! Your son has been so wonderful to work with! We have been sharing so many things in our life, now we're in Japan! We have both come a long way and at age 30 we are almost adults! hahah But his talent is awesome, and I love seeing something I thought up in my head prefectly brought to life by his hands! Drop by anytime!

-Kevin M. Jones