Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Murder in Review

Wow, first of all let me say thanks for everybody who took their time to click through our work and to my friends who have been offering loads of support. One thing we really want to have is feedback. Let us know what you think! We are trying some different things with wording and of course Jason’s great art and my writing. How is it? What do you like? What do you hate? What scene grabs you? And so on… Feedback is so important to the creative process; it allows us to hear what our “readers” want; but, enough of this begging for comments stuff (for now)!

These scenes were so fun to make for me as a writer. First of all it presented my first challenge of writing in our comic and that was establishing character tones with our police characters. I really hope that you could get a decent feel of what kind of people the police are from their interactions with each other. I think Jason nailed the overall theme of these scenes in his; like he explained in his post Richard and Ai are talented young detectives embarking on a very unusual case. Both of them are looking for some logic that fits within the rules of the world as they know it; the only problem is they can’t find it. One thing I love about these characters is that they are going to be thrust into some very strange situations and will have to deal with it on a very normal level. How often is that you do your job and you come across the “impossible”? That is what they are going through on this first case and it hardly gets any better from there on out.

Another thing I really loved about these scenes was the use of the camera for the flashback of the Furhmann murder. The detectives watching the murder unfold from the different angles on the camera with no sound and their comments on what was happening really sat well with me when the idea of the scene came to me. As Jason said we have book 1 – 3 done, and they are full of great scenes where we put lots of thought in how to form them. But I will always have a special place in my heart for the camera scene in book 1. One of the reasons for this is because of the great working relationship that Jason and I have. I remember going over the book and Jason being so excited because he got the chance to really cut loose and go all out with action in these scenes. When we layout books and we have a huge action sequence I usually just step back and let Jason do what he does. Every now and I say something like “it would be cool if he smashed his head into a pillar.” And he takes my one panel suggestion and turns it into something fantastic. It is amazing how well we click on some of the details and the overall concepts we want to get out in our work.

The great thing about showing these scenes is that when I look at them, I know that this is just the smallest slice of our story. We have so many great characters and what I believe unique concepts. I am really excited to get this book out there. I really hope you enjoyed looking at the preview. We hope that we can touch more people with our life’s work soon. Thank you for reading and again drop us your thoughts!

-Kevin M. Jones


Anonymous said...

Hey Jason!
I guess the most important thing about any story is that you wanna know what happens next...and I do! Hurry up and post some more!!! I agree the cctv idea worked really well and the illustrations of the murder were really cool! The dialogue was cool too although maybe it could have been a bit more natural - he's instead of he is. Also it felt like the character relationships were being set up a bit too clearly but that's only a minor quibble! It rocks!
Take it easy men!

Emerald City said...

hey thanks! Yeah conversations could use an edit! It is hard to edit your own writing and whatnot! So I will just ride on Jason's back until we get someone to look over the whole comic and give it an edit.

-Kevin M. Jones

Emerald City said...

Hey thanx Martin for the nice comment! iIam glad ya dig the cctv, and the murder.They were some nice stress relieving scenes to draw. Yeah we will get some more stuff up soon! and as kevin said, we will take a look at the books dialogue and take your thoughts to heart.
very much appreciate the comment. take care of those guns, men!!